Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scouting the Backcountry

My buddy Mike and I went this last weekend to scout some new area in the backcountry of Utah. For many years we have talked about hiking a certain mountain in central region of Utah, and Last weekend we finally did it. This Mountain range was steep, rugged and strenuous to hike, which was the reason it took us so many years to hike it. For the most part there was no trail to use. The night before it rained and so everything was wet. Not long into our hike we were drenched and the water from our legs ran right into our boots. By the time we reached the top our boots where full of water. Despite all the blisters and sore muscles that came the following day, seeing this buck made it all worth it. This buck has cheaters on both sides plus eye guards which makes him a 6X6 with a width of about 26 inches. This buck gets me even more excited for the bowhunt (almost two weeks away) to start. Besides from seeing this big buck we saw a few does and came across some bear track. It's not too late for you to go and spot the buck you are going to go after.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Preseason Scouting

It is time,once again, to dust off the hiking boots and start scouting new country in search of your dream buck. I know I haven't done much preseason scouting in the past because of the lack of time. This year is going to be different. I want to check out some new backcountry and find the buck that will win the "Da Man Trophy". We are going to checkout some new country in the Central Region of Utah. The area we are going to hike into should produce some big bucks. Don't be like me the previous years and procrastinate preseason scouting.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Da Man Trophy

Backcountry Bowhunting trophy
Last year my buddy Mike decided to make the "Da Man Trophy." This trophy goes to the friend that kills the biggest buck. Unfortunately this trophy is not sitting at my house but at Chad's, who's buck is not featured on this blog because he killed his deer with a rifle. This is the most coveted trophy to have. This trophy comes with a plaque to put your name on and a year of bragging rights for killing the biggest buck. This is my year to have the "Da Man Trophy" at my house, and I will kill my big buck bowhunting in the backcountry.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mike's Nice Buck

This is a tribute to my buddy Mike. He shot this nice buck in the backcountry of Uinta National Forest. This buck walked 20 yards in front of him. This was not one of those kills were Mike just happened to be sitting in the right place at the right time. Mike spotted this buck bedded down in some cliffs and came up with a plan on how he could shoot this buck. Mike picked a spot where he knew the buck, if pushed, would pass through. He then had another buddy hike around to the other side of the cliffs and start to push the buck towards him. His strategy worked perfectly. The buck passed broadside in front of him 20 yards away and Mike hit the buck right in the vitals. The buck ran about 20 yards and collapsed down a rock slide. Mike, this is my year to get a nice looking buck.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Backcountry Bowhunting

I love the outdoors and most outdoor activities, but I am passionate about bowhunting. There is something about spotting a mule deer 200+ yards and being able to close the distance to 30 yards, pulling back the bow and letting the arrow fly. It is one of the greatest rushes.

I started hunting when I was 18. Not growing up in a family that enjoyed hunting, I was able to tag along with some friends. My first hunt was with a rifle and it was my last hunt with a rifle. We hiked to a peak in Utah and spotted a group of bucks crossing a rock slide about 200 yards, opening morning and we opened fire. My Buddy and I ended up filling our tags. My buck was not the most impressive but it was a buck and I was excited. That excitement wore off and I didn't see the challenge in hunting with a rifle. I decided the next time I go hunting it would be the archery hunt. A few years later I bought a bow and fell in love.

I do have a confession to make even though I have been bowhunting for about 5 years I have still haven't taken a buck. It is not because I haven't seen one or had a good shot. Every year I have plenty of shots at nice bucks but unable to hit. I can sneak in on bucks and get within 30 yards that is no problem, but every time I shoot I miss calculate the terrain and either barely over shoot or under shoot the deer. Regardless, I still love being in the backcountry and seeing the beauty of God's creations. I am looking forward to this year's bowhunt because this year is going to be the year I harvest my first buck.