Saturday, June 6, 2009

Backcountry Bowhunting

I love the outdoors and most outdoor activities, but I am passionate about bowhunting. There is something about spotting a mule deer 200+ yards and being able to close the distance to 30 yards, pulling back the bow and letting the arrow fly. It is one of the greatest rushes.

I started hunting when I was 18. Not growing up in a family that enjoyed hunting, I was able to tag along with some friends. My first hunt was with a rifle and it was my last hunt with a rifle. We hiked to a peak in Utah and spotted a group of bucks crossing a rock slide about 200 yards, opening morning and we opened fire. My Buddy and I ended up filling our tags. My buck was not the most impressive but it was a buck and I was excited. That excitement wore off and I didn't see the challenge in hunting with a rifle. I decided the next time I go hunting it would be the archery hunt. A few years later I bought a bow and fell in love.

I do have a confession to make even though I have been bowhunting for about 5 years I have still haven't taken a buck. It is not because I haven't seen one or had a good shot. Every year I have plenty of shots at nice bucks but unable to hit. I can sneak in on bucks and get within 30 yards that is no problem, but every time I shoot I miss calculate the terrain and either barely over shoot or under shoot the deer. Regardless, I still love being in the backcountry and seeing the beauty of God's creations. I am looking forward to this year's bowhunt because this year is going to be the year I harvest my first buck.


emily and nate said...

Ooooo, look your first comment!!! I better make it a good one...I love you honey, I just wish you loved me as much as you do hunting... ;)

Anonymous said...

This blog is lame, it never gets updated, however, I the dude with the big buck looks like a stud!