Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Da Man Trophy

Backcountry Bowhunting trophy
Last year my buddy Mike decided to make the "Da Man Trophy." This trophy goes to the friend that kills the biggest buck. Unfortunately this trophy is not sitting at my house but at Chad's, who's buck is not featured on this blog because he killed his deer with a rifle. This is the most coveted trophy to have. This trophy comes with a plaque to put your name on and a year of bragging rights for killing the biggest buck. This is my year to have the "Da Man Trophy" at my house, and I will kill my big buck bowhunting in the backcountry.


Chad said...

i must say while i did shoot it with a rifle (with mike as a witness)it was around 650 yards give or take a few yards. :) Good luck this coming year.

Anonymous said...

You would have to actually kill a deer in order to have the trophy at your house this year, and I've seen your to say the trophy will be at my house this year!

Anonymous said...

The trophy is coming home this year, nobody else has the skills to kill anything big. All will be jealous this year!